These are couple of our newest project in the year of 2017 and 2018

  1. Sailing and Jet Skiing Venue for Asian Games 18th 2018, date of completion May ‘2018
  2. RSUD Malingping, date of completion September ‘2017

We are so proud to take part in the Sailing and Jet Skiing Project for the 18th Asian Games 2018 and also is our country biggest sport event ever been held. It will be a challenge for us to show our capability. The location is in Ancol North of Jakarta in DKI Jakarta capital city of Indonesia.

We installed 26 rolling doors, 12 for Sailing Venue (ten of it with 10 meter in height) and 14 for Jet Skiing Venue, total for a 26 unit.

The Sailing VenueFor the height of 10 meter and 5,45 meter in wide, it utilized a galvanize 1,2 mm slat (zinc 98% and 2% Aluminum coating) plus finishing with powder coating to ensure for the solid structure and to prevent corrosion and operate with electric motor. The rest 3,5 meter in height and 5.45 meter in wide use aluminum 1,00 mm slat for corrosion maximum protection.

The Jet Skiing VenueThe 14 unit door all use aluminum 1,00 mm slat for maximum corrosion prevention since it location by the seaside.

The other project is a Local General Hospital (RSUD) in Malingping District, Banten Province, West Java, Indonesia.We installed roof in the volume of 2500 meter square for the project. Utilized Onduline Tile (made of fiber cellulose, bitumen, organic fiber, resin and mineral) that is light, flexible, anti corrosion, sound proof, leek proof, ease of installation and environment friendly.